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Developing high-quality
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That helps you build a community.

Revolutionary design

Advanced & Trendy bots

Maximum security

High-quality discord server designUnlimited discord channelsUnlimited discord bots and users
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Order now and receive your server within 3-days

Start building your community today

With a Servergen® Discord server, you can start engaging your members and connect with them on a more intimate level. Stop wasting your time, and build the community you deserve today.

Grow your server
Professional discord server with engaged members

Rapid growth

With breathtaking design and market-leading bots, growing organically won’t be an issue.

Tools for engagement

We implement bots and functions that help you create a solid community that stays for the long haul

Save time and money

Start saving time straight away, and let us build you a server with zero operating costs.

Work with a team you can trust

Get your discord server developed by passionate Discord users. The Servergen team has more than 3+ years of experience developing revolutionary discord servers for clients and businesses.

Servers created
Active clients
Servers managed

Packed with cutting-edge features

We deliver high-quality servers optimized for different markets and industries. All our Discord Servers include unlimited channels & roles with the permissions setup and a broad list of bots you can pick from.

Live social-media updates

Let your Discord community know when you go live, post a video or post something on social media, automatically and in real-time.

Invite tracking

Keep track of how many invites each of your members and offer them rewards. In addition it has a built in leaderboard.

Support system

Make your management´s job easier, by having a built-in support system. Your members can create a ticket, and get help quickly.

Crypto and stocks

Set price alerts for your favorite tokens/stocks, get charts with built-in indicators and a automated crypto newsfeed.

Minigames & Gambling

Keep your community engaged with Minigame Bots, Gambling and your own custom server economy with a built-in shop.

NFT Holders verification

Grant your holders special access to certain discord channels and roles with perks for exclusive giveaways.

What our clients say

Servergen has managed to gather clients from all over the world in many different industries, listen to their experience working with us.

"Efficiency and communication are only a few of their wide range of skills"

I have been developing projects for almost 11 years, and I really know the meaning of being a service provider! I can definitely say that Servergen has literally the best services I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Zainea Alexandru Emanuel
CEO & Founder of THENFTiST
Logo of The NFTiST NFT
Image of Zainea Alexandru Emanuel

“Stop wasting your time and put your mind at ease with Servergen"

The best and most objective approach to a discord server you will ever find. The team at Servergen knows what they are doing. Stop wasting your time and put your mind to ease by going straight to the best.

Bruno Agra
CEO at Sunset Music Inc.
Image of Bruno Agra

“Beautiful discord servers, and great agency to work with"

We have worked with Servergen for over a year now, and they have helped us develop 4 different discord servers. The communication from start to finish is just amazing, and their customer support is very helpful.

Justin Lord
COO at Global Liquidity Inc.
Logo of Global Liquidity Trading
Image of Justin Lord

“Amazing customer support and always delivers on time"

Our team decided to hire Servergen to develop our server and custom bots. They delivered promptly for a reasonable price. We have now collaborated on many occasions, and there are many more to come.

Oscar Wulf
CMO at Chillin Chameleons
Logo of Chillin Chameleons NFT
Image of Oscar Wulf

“The Servergen team knows Discord from the inside out"

My experience with Servergen was amazing, the server was built in 3 days and they were very efficient and professional. They also fixed any minor changes I had in no time.

Henri Mazreku
Co-Founder of Cat Mobstaz
Logo of Cat Mobstaz NFT
Image of Henri Mazreku
Logo of The NFTiST NFT
Logo of Doodle Rooms NFT
Logo of Dinodawg Kingdom NFT
Logo of Sunset Music Inc.

Order now and receive your server within 3-days

Designated Leveling system

Set your hierarchy. Determine who gets access (And who doesn’t) with your built in Leveling System.

Discord Server icon

Voice, messaging and invite rewards

Reward your members for being active in both the voice & text-channels and for inviting more people to the server.

Discord Server icon


The existence of a leaderboard appeals to the competitive nature of humans and pulls them to be more active.

Leveling system and minigames in advanced discord server
Verification, spam protection, atuo-mod and anti-raid

Built-in security measurements

Ensure that the users joining your server are genuine users, and not spam bots looking to advertise.

Discord Servers Icon

Verification against Raid/Bot attacks

With a built in verification system you can ensure that your server is not affected by bot attacks.

Discord Servers icon

Spam protection & Auto-moderation

Keep your server appropriate. Enhanced auto-moderation prevents spammers, and protects your server's integrity.

Invite TrackerGame patch notesMEE6Carl botMinigame taco shackUnbeliveableboat gambling bot

We know all the safest bots

We understand all the most popular server bots and we are ready to help you solve any technical issues that may arise.

Send crypto with Tip.cccollab.land with NFT and crypto verification holderPro botDynoLeveling system arcaneCaptcha bot discord

From idea to reality

We understand how overwhelming building a server can be. That's why Servergen keeps it simple. Just place an order, share your vision, and receive your server within 2-3 days.


Place an order

Go to pricing and click “Add to cart”, and from there you can pick from the many different payment gateways we offer.

Discord Server Template

Share your ideas

Choose the design and features you want through our form, which takes between 3 to 7 minutes.

Discord Server with bots, channels and roles

Receive your server

Within 2-3 days your server is completed and we're almost as excited as you are to share the final result.

Discord server with chat activity

Grow your community

You will receive video documentation on how to operate your server, and an eBook showcasing you how to grow your server.

Grow discord server organically

Order now and receive your server within 3-days

Everybody wants to be a part of a community

Sadly building a server that’s built for engagement and growth isn’t that simple. Servergen has helped more than 850 people across the world because we believe that everyone deserves a properly set up Discord Server. That way they can finally start connecting with their community on a more intimate level.

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Advanced and professional high-quality discord servers for community

Full Discord Server Setup

The higher packages include all the features from the previous one’s. One-time payment. No hidden fees and a 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Lite by Servergen®

$ 79.00 

One time

Recommended for friends & internal communication for businesses.

Unlimited roles & channels
Custom permissions
Locked staff-chat
Memes and Counting
Welcome system
Music (YouTube/Spotity)
Member stats
And more...
Learn more
Standard by Servergen®

$ 139.00 

One time

Recommended for gaming communities and streamers

Social media notifications
Verification system
Role selection
Giveaway bot
Minigames and Gambling
Leveling system
And more...
Learn more
Premium by Servergen®

$ 179.00 

One time

Recommended for big communities, trading groups and Crypto/NFT projects.

Maximum security protection
Verify token/NFT holders
Support system
Crypto/Stocks charts
Payment integration
Invite tracker
Server backups
And much more...
Learn more

Main features

Unlimited Roles/Channels
Discord check mark react emojiDiscord checkmarkDiscord check mark
Professional design
Community Setup
Welcome system
Static/Animated Emoji's
Locked channels
Customized branding

Secondary features

Memes & Counting game
Music bot
Member stats
Social media notifications
Verification system
Game patch-notes
Role selection
Server logs
Giveaway bot
Minigames and Gambling
Leveling system
Spam protection
Temporary channels
Anti Raid/Nuke
Captcha Verification
Token/NFT holder verification
Support system w/Tickets
Crypto/Stocks chart
Payment integration
Automatic finance news
Server backups
Invite tracking
Gas/Crypto price tracker
OpenSea Sales/Mints
Anything else...

Order now and receive your server within 3-days

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on live-chat or email.

When and how do I place an order?

Feel free to place an order at any time on Products. If anything is unclear or you have a specific request, you can message us to clear things up.

What is our experience with Discord?

We have been working with both Discord Server creation and bot development for the past 4 years. Over 1000 different servers from a broad list of industries. If something is possible on Discord we have done it. Read more about our journey.

Can I choose which bots to add to my server?

Of course! You can choose any bot you want, and what you don't want added to your server. In the Servergen Interactive Design Studio®, you outline your specifications to suit your exact requirements.

Will Servergen edit my current Discord Server or make a new one?

This is your choice, we may work both on a new server or an existing one. But, we recommend starting fresh as that ensures that all features and permissions are compatible and set up correctly.

Will you help me after the order is complete?

Servergen is very passionate about the discord community, and strive to help it. If you need help with your server, feel free to sign-up for our full support package and we will assist you at any time.

Your server is done, what next?

With all Servergen servers you will receive a full documentation package, which includes all key informations pertaining to your server. Our user-manual and attached videos enable you to take full advantage of your new server.

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