We believe that everyone deserves a properly set up server

At Servergen we work tirelessly to make digital communication accessible to people across industries and border.

The story behind us

Servergen was founded by passionate discord users. In 2020 we realized that there was a gap in the market for professional discord servers. Starting small, we developed servers for other enthusiasts and friends, before we eventually pivoted. In 2021 we went all in and started developing servers for different communties - across industries and borders.

The mission behind all our work

As we started communicating online, we quickly realized that this could be done more effectively. As we developed a better solution for ourselves, brick by brick, we saw the opportunity to share the culmination of our failures, successes and lessons with the world. This inspired us to develop and share what has become our lineup of products and services.

Meet our team

Everyone in the Servergen team has over 3+ years experience creating discord servers.

Nicolai Amirzadeh


Kenan Tursić


Alexander Brunskow


Sander Seiersnes


Fredrik Smeby

Junior Server Developer

The values we stand by

These are the values that drive Servergen forward on their mission to make Discord accessible to everyone.


Closing the gap in the market for better and more accessible digital communication innovation is what inspires us. Innovative ideas and creativity is what guides our approach.


Digital communication drives growth and development and thus it needs accessible to everyone. Breaking down barriers and reaching new people drives us and guides our strategy.


The world is changing, so must we. At Servergen we embrace new ideas and employ our curiosity to come up with new ideas and develop new solutions.


Servergen was built upon an appreciation of online communication. Providing our clients the opportunity to communicate efficiently through a digital medium is what drives us.

Our locations

Servergen is an international community spanning across countries and continents. Our physical office is in Norway.

Oslo, Norway

Grenseveien 99, 0663 Oslo

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