Automatic NFT Whitelist collector customized to you

This is the one automation bot every single Discord server needs. If you are going to have a pre-sale for your NFT collection, this bot is a must.

Graphics designed
Servers helped

Tired of your server not looking appealing to new members?

By not branding your server. New members will get a bad first impression. If you are a professional, you should start acting like it.

Looks boring?

If your server is looking boring it will not appeal to new members coming in.

Members not converting?

New members will go to your competitors if what they are looking at doesnt look good.

Does not stand out?

Standing out is crucial in a time where everyone are using discord.

Doesn't look professional?

Make your server reflect the good values of your brand and community.

Get animated graphics


Give your server the X-Factor
Brand your server
Connect with your community

Level up your server and get the attention you deserve

We at Servergen understand that you want to stand out from the crowd. Which is why we will help you brand your server and give you that X-factor you have been looking after.

Order now and receive your design in no-time

Let’s see how simple it is to get started

Stop wasting time and get started, we will update you through our process and you will get your design ready in no-time.


Place an order

Go to the pricing and add the desired product to your cart and pay with ease.


Pick your design

Use our interactive design studio, and pick the aesthetic you are looking for.


Level up your server

Get your design and video documentation on how you can add it to your server.

Order now and receive your design in no-time

What our clients say

Servergen has managed to gather clients from all over the world in many different industries, listen to their experience working with us.

"Efficiency and communication are only a few of their wide range of skills"

I have been developing projects for almost 11 years, and I really know the meaning of being a service provider! I can definitely say that Servergen has literally the best services I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Zainea Alexandru Emanuel
CEO & Founder of THENFTiST

“Stop wasting your time and put your mind at ease with Servergen"

The best and most objective approach to a discord server you will ever find. The team at Servergen knows what they are doing. Stop wasting your time and put your mind to ease by going straight to the best.

Bruno Agra
CEO at Sunset Music Inc.

“Beautiful discord servers, and great agency to work with"

We have worked with Servergen for over a year now, and they have helped us develop 4 different discord servers. The communication from start to finish is just amazing, and their customer support is very helpful.

Justin Lord
COO at Global Liquidity Inc.

“Amazing customer support and always delivers on time"

Our team decided to hire Servergen to develop our server and custom bots. They delivered promptly for a reasonable price. We have now collaborated on many occasions, and there are many more to come.

Oscar Wulf
CMO at Chilling Chameleons

“The Servergen team knows Discord from the inside out"

My experience with Servergen was amazing, the server was built in 3 days and they were very efficient and professional. They also fixed any minor changes I had in no time.

Henri Mazreku
Co-Founder of Cat Mobstaz

Pricing options and bundles

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Frequently Asked Question

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on live-chat or email.

How do I place an order?

Choose one of the pricing options/bundles (just above this FAQ section) that best suit your design needs.

Once this has been completed, you can start designing your graphics through our interactive form.

How can I pick the design?

After placing an order, you will be redirected to our design studio - where you will have the ability to pick the design/theme and text you want.

How do I add the graphics to my server?

You will receive video tutorials showcasing how you can get start adding the graphics to your server.

How long will it take until I get the design?

It takes between 12-24 hours to receive your design.

I'm still unsure and have questions, can we do a call?

Yes of course! We understand you may still have some questions regarding our services. Please head to our contact us page where you can book a free 15-minute call with one of our experts.