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discord servers

That helps you build a strong community.

High-quality discord server designUnlimited discord channelsUnlimited discord bots and users
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Advanced discord bots for server
Advanced bots
Revolutionary design
Maximum security

Building a server shouldn't be complicated

Developing a Discord server can be overwhelming when it comes to the amount of customization. Don’t be held back. Leave the development to us, so that you don't have to acquire these problems.

Zero activity

Without the right bots and tools, you won't see activity in the server chat.

Bots & Scammers

Having a secure and safe discord server has never been more critical.

Simple design

You have one chance at a first impression, so make sure it's the best.

Costumization and bots

Wasting time researching bots only leaves you confused and frustrated.

Discord Server Bots, Scammers, Hacks, rug pulls

Order now and receive your server within 4 days

Start building your community today

With a Servergen® Discord server, you can start engaging your members and connect with them on a more intimate level. Stop wasting your time, and build the community you deserve today.

Professional discord server with engaged members, with activity and leveling system

Rapid growth

With breathtaking design and market-leading bots, growing organically won’t be an issue any more.

Tools for engagement

We implement bots and functions that help you create a solid community that stays for the long haul

Save time and money

Start saving time straight away, and let us build you a server with zero operating costs.
Professional discord server with engaged members

Work with a team you can trust

Get your discord server developed by passionate Discord users. The Servergen team has more than 5+ years of experience developing revolutionary discord servers for clients and businesses.

Servers created
Active clients
Years experience

All our servers include these features

Servergen Discord Servers include unlimited channels & roles with the permissions setup and a broad list of bots you can pick from. Click on the function to see examples.

Server analytics

Get real-time data on new server members, members leaving, audience insights, message activity and much more.

Information channels

Branded messages to your server, including: Official Links, Rules, FAQ, About Us, Commands. With the ability to edit later.

Channels & Roles

We will set-up channels & roles to your server with configured permissions. Simple to manage in the long run.

Server audit logs

Any server changes, edited messages, bans/kicks, deleting of roles/channel, changed nicknames etc. Will be logged forever.

Management area

Talk with your staff team with ease, and split the divisions for Admins, Moderators, Support and the rest of your team.

Welcome system

Great new members with a quick explanation on how to access and navigate your server. 24/7 on auto-pilot while you are offline.

100+ Emojis

Wide range of emoji packs related to blockchain, memes, business and more. Both animated and static.

Server statistics

Showcase to everyone how many Members, VIPs, Holders, OGs, WL Spots taken etc. On top of your server channels.

Full ownership

You own all the rights, and have full control over the server after we are finished with the development. No strings attached.

What our clients say

Servergen has managed to gather clients from all over the world in many different industries, listen to their experience working with us.

"Efficiency and communication are only a few of their wide range of skills"

I have been developing projects for almost 11 years, and I really know the meaning of being a service provider! I can definitely say that Servergen has literally the best services I've ever had the pleasure to work with.

Zainea Alexandru Emanuel
CEO & Founder of THENFTiST
Logo of The NFTiST NFT
Image of Zainea Alexandru Emanuel founder and CEO of THENFTIST

“Stop wasting your time and put your mind at ease with Servergen"

The best and most objective approach to a discord server you will ever find. The team at Servergen knows what they are doing. Stop wasting your time and put your mind to ease by going straight to the best.

Bruno Agra
CEO at Sunset Music Inc.
Image of Bruno Agra CEO at Sunset Music Inc.

“Amazing customer support and always delivers on time"

Our team decided to hire Servergen to develop our server and custom bots. They delivered promptly for a reasonable price. We have now collaborated on many occasions, and there are many more to come.

Oscar Wulf
CMO at Chillin Chameleons
Logo of Chillin Chameleons NFT
Image of Oscar Wulf CMO at Chillin Chameleons NFT

“The Servergen team knows Discord from the inside out"

My experience with Servergen was amazing, the server was built in 3 days and they were very efficient and professional. They also fixed any minor changes I had in no time.

Henri Mazreku
Co-Founder of Cat Mobstaz
Logo of Cat Mobstaz NFT
Image of Henri Mazreku Co-Founder of Cat Mobstaz NFT
Invite Tracker with leaderboardGame patch notes automatic on discordMEE6 a multi purpose bot with auto-mod, welcome system, leveling, social media notifications etc.Carl bot with server logs, starboard, reaction and self assignable roles, suggestions and moreMinigame taco shack to increase activity on discordUnbeliveableboat gambling, casino and server economy discord bot

We know the greatest bots

After building over 850+ discord servers, we have found the most secure and easy-to-operate bots on the market. So that you don't have to waste hours on research.

Send crypto or airdop with with NFT and crypto verification of holdersPro bot multi purpose bot with advanced functionalityDyno multi-purpose botArcane multi-purpose bot with leveling system, powerful auto moderation etcCaptcha bot for advanced security discord

From idea to reality

We understand how overwhelming building a server can be. That's why Servergen keeps it simple. Just place an order, share your vision, and receive your server within 4 days.


Place an order

Go to pricing and click “Add to cart”. Choose between our wide range of payment gateways. All payments are secure & encrypted.

Discord Server Ideas

Share your ideas

Choose the design and features your server needs through our form. Which takes between 3 to 7 minutes to complete. Or on a call with us.

Discord Server with bots, channels and roles

Receive your server

Within 4 days your server is completed, and its time for feedback. Let us know the revisions, and in no-time the server is ready to use.

Discord server with chat activity and images

Grow your community

You will receive video documentation on how to operate your server, and an eBook showcasing you how to grow your server.

Grow discord server organically with high engagement

Order now and receive your server within 4 days

Everybody wants to be a part of a community

Sadly building a server that’s built for engagement and growth isn’t that simple. Servergen has helped more than 850+ servers across the world, because we believe that everyone deserves a properly set up Discord Server. So that they finally can start connecting with their community on a more intimate level.

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Full Discord Server Setup

The higher packages include all the features from the previous one’s. One-time payment. No hidden fees and a 14-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Discord server setup with advanced bots and unlimited channels and roles
Lite by Servergen®

$ 200.00 

Recommended for small and closed communities, which aren't trying to reach the public.

New/Existing Discord Server
Support for 2 Weeks
Delivery time: 4 days
Roles/channels Setup
Custom permissions
Simple security
Welcome system
Bots (Stats, Memes, Music)
And more…
Not sure which package to pick?
Discord server setup with advanced bots and unlimited channels and roles
Standard by Servergen®

$ 500.00 

Recommended for small brands looking to create an online presence on discord.

New/Existing Discord Server
Support for 2 Weeks
Delivery time: 4 days
Social media notifications
Advanced Security
Reaction Roles
Bots (Minigames & giveaways, etc.)
Leveling system w/Leaderboard
And more…
Not sure which package to pick?
Discord server setup with advanced bots and unlimited channels and roles
Ultimate by Servergen®

$ 600.00 

Recommended for brands with big ambitions. The best security & engagement tools to handle any community size.

New/Existing Discord Server
Support for 2 Weeks
Delivery time: 4 days
Maximum Security
Ecommerce integration
Support system w/Tickets
Web3 Functionalities
Support system w/Transcripts
And much more…
Not sure which package to pick?

Not sure which package you should pick?

You shouldn't have to pay more then you have to. Book a free 30-minute consultation with us, or check the package differences by clicking the button below.

Order now and receive your server within 4 days

Order now and receive your server within 4 days

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