Secrets on growing your community

In this eBook we will reveal the exact secrets you need to achieve massive organic growth in your discord community.

Grow organically activity and engagement on discord on auto-pilot with free ebook

Tired of not seeing the growth your Discord Server deserves?

Learn our simple organic growth strategies that can help you flood your discord with new and engaged members — every single day.

Slow growth?

Give your members a reason to invite their friends and family to your server, by the use of simple tactics.

Members not converting?

Identify the problem areas of your on boarding funnel so you can attract more users.

Lack of engagement?

Learn how to use giveaways and prizes to boost engagement when it starts to drop.

Admin problems?

Find out how to completely automate your discord chats and administration processes so you have more free time.

What you will learn

You will learn 10 easy-to-follow steps to creating a thriving and active discord community. These simple tips are your road map in developing engaged users that become raving long-term fans.

How to use specific techniques to create a thriving, long-term community
How to explode organic growth through giveaways and competitions
How to use bots the right way to create solid community engagement

The average success story

New or existing discord servers can expect to see big results after reading and implementing the 10 secrets found inside this eBook

  • Member retention monthly

    Member retention monthly

  • New members weekly

    New members weekly

  • Total messages sent daily

    Total messages sent daily

Free eBook
10 Discord Secrets to Maximise Growth
Contest & Giveaways
Growth hacks
Event ideas

About the author

In 2018 our CEO saw a big opportunity in the discord community. Initially he and his partners beta tested their server growth method and found incredible results with friends and other members of the community.

Nicolai Amirzadeh the Founder and CEO of Discord Agency

"In this eBook I will reveal the exact secrets to help you organically grow and expand your discord community in no-time."

Nicolai Amirzadeh
CEO & Founder of Servergen

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In this book, we are going to reveal for you the 10 most crucial secrets about Discord.

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