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Everyone in the Servergen team has over 3+ years experience creating discord servers.

Nicolai Amirzadeh


Kenan Tursić


Alexander Brunskow


Sander Seiersnes


Fredrik Smeby

Junior Server Developer

Frequently Asked Question

Here are a few of the questions we get the most. If you don't see what's on your mind, reach out to us anytime on live-chat or email.

When and how do I place an order?

Feel free to place an order at any time on Products. If anything is unclear or you have a specific request, you can message us to clear things up.

What is our experience with Discord?

We have been working with both Discord Server creation and bot development for the past 4 years. Over 1000 different servers from a broad list of industries. If something is possible on Discord we have done it. Read more about our journey.

Can I choose which bots to add to my server?

Of course! You can choose any bot you want, and what you don't want added to your server. In the Servergen Interactive Design Studio®, you outline your specifications to suit your exact requirements.

Will Servergen edit my current Discord Server or make a new one?

This is your choice, we may work both on a new server or an existing one. But, we recommend starting fresh as that ensures that all features and permissions are compatible and set up correctly.

Will you help me after the order is complete?

Servergen is very passionate about the discord community, and strive to help it. If you need help with your server, feel free to sign-up for our full support package and we will assist you at any time.

Your server is done, what next?

With all Servergen servers you will receive a full documentation package, which includes all key informations pertaining to your server. Our user-manual and attached videos enable you to take full advantage of your new server.

Order now and receive your server within 3-days